ADA EZ PRO KIT MODELS 5831 X NPB (Push), 5811 X NPB (Pull) Rockwood Hands-Free
Door Pull
The AP1140 door pull can be mounted above a pre-existing door pull for a quick hands-free addition, or can be used independently.
nexTouch Yale nexTouch Commercial Keypad Door Lock Wave Your Way Through with Contact Free Doors Contact-free doors are becoming essential in today’s landscape. With a hands-free door opening, you can keep your hands clean from entrance to exit.



Commercial Door Systems offers many touchless solutions for opening a variety of doors in all sorts of buildings. From retail to restrooms, from schools to commercial residences, from building entrances to hospital corridors – Commercial Door Systems’ hands-free door options prevent germ transfer and provide a healthy means for meeting ADA requirements. Ensure the ease of use and safe operation of all touchless doors – from open to close – with Commercial Door Systems.


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